Add one activity type to several activity groups



Community, i’d like to hear your opinons regarding issue described below.

  1. During my expirience with atimelogger quite ofter i’m facing cases when 1 activity type belongs to different activity groups.

For example:

Activity group/Activity type

Transport/Bus (nested group)
Transport/Car (nested group)

And so on.

So far i’m forced to not use grouping at all becuase it lead to redundancy and eventually i’ll have N activity types “transport” in different acitity groups.
And i’m not able to make analysis of all transport divided by categories: transport to work, transport to place of entertainment

Ability to put activity type into several activity groups will completely solve this issue.

I know about tags functionality in timetrack, but tags are about different thing, like reflect your mood, assign people to activity and so on.

How you guys managing this situation?

  1. I’d like to see ability to use some simple filtering functionality (wildcard, NOT, OR, AND and so on) while searching through activity records (2nd tab in android version) and in Reports - comment (field).

As of now there’s full-text search (which is way more useful than nothing at all).
I’m often doing some comments and like to filter to them in a more efficient way.

  1. Sorting activity types on main screen: by frequency, alphabetically, by color

  1. In your case I still suggest to use tags - you can assign tags right to activity types. Some time later (work is in progress on iOS) I plan to add custom fields functionality and things like “mood” can be tracked there
  2. Filtering with operators is not planned in the nearest time but I think about displaying filtered information on History tab (2nd). You can create filters now on Reports and I want to add ability to select filter on History (+ include daily bar charts on it)
  3. Planned


Thanks for your answer.

  1. But tags will not solve the issue of groupping.

As of now we have 2 divided entities which are not much linked to each other.

With tags there will be like: activity type “transport” and tag “transport” with that i still can’t using grouping functionality.

I’d like to play around with tags, but i’m hardly waiting for you to remove mandatory registration from timetrack.

  1. Yes, i’m talking about filtering on History tab (2nd) and in Reports.

For example now in History Tab i can type anything and it will full-text-search it. But sometimes i’d like to additionally filter results.

For example i type “Спорт” and expect to see all activity records with “Спорт” acitivity type, but i will also see “Транспорт”. So i can’t quickly measure time spent on “Спорт” and need to go to Reports, select activity type and so on - pretty boring.

So in this case some basic filtering will be quite usefull.