Alarms: more sounds and vibration mode


Maybe vibration mode will be good as a short term feature.
Working with other people it’s annoying to have an alarm :slight_smile:


Need this too!!!


Guys, why silent mode with vibration turned on doesn’t work ?


Yeah, alarm sounds and vibrations do not work.


I would like something like this as well - when I’m at the office my phone is lying near me and I have it in silent mode (corporate open-space :slight_smile: ), so I don’t always hear notification to track what I’m doing right now.

Would highly appreciate to make screen to turn on and flash to draw my attention while remaining silent (and even without vibration) and not impacting people around me.

But in some cases vibration might be usefull as well and even a custom sound (like a short “ding” by default - as who ever changes default settings :slight_smile:) with custom volume would help as well.


Hi! If you use Android 8+ then notifications are fully set up in Android Notification settings