Apple Watch Series 3 crashing


Hi I was extremely happy for 3 days of constantly using Timetrack premium and then today suddenly when I tried go into app to select different activity it crashed. I restarted watch and iPhone several times reinstalled on both devices and it constantly crashing. Please help asap because I build my whole 2019 plans around it.


I was so desperate so I unpaired my watch, uninstalled Watch app from my iPhone then went through long process of setting up again luckily Apple is doing backup so it was long but not super long and after that I installed and it started to work.

My question is what happened and how to prevent it to happen in future again. I’m willing to give you all information I can to help you improve your awesome app.


Hi Simon, I’m really sorry for such a long reply. Does it work correctly now? If the issue appears again, please mail me directly at