aTimeLogger & TimeTrack


Any difference? Any plans? What should be used? What is in the development?


TimeTrack is in development. Next plans include:

  • desktop app
  • automatic tracking based on geo position
  • custom attributes (e.g hourly rate)
  • web app (low priority now)

Also I’m working hard on Android app now


Hi, I’m using aTimeLogger, should I switch to ?
There are 2000 more downloads on aTimeLogger than on TimeTrack so it’s confusing.

Thanks for your answer


aTimeLogger is still more popular than TimeTrack. It was released earlier and it doesn’t require creating account - these are the reasons why it’s more popular. If you are ok with creating account then TimeTrack is more preferred as it has more features



Can I communicate with you directly on discuss? I’d like to offer help regarding data visualization and analysis, I think there is an interesting potential with all the data collected.


You can mail me at or


Looking forward to a desktop/browser-based version. It’s really helpful to review figures more easily.


OSX desktop version (alpha) is available - Mac app public alpha