Can I migrate ATracker data to


I have 3 months of Data in ATracker. Is there any way to migrate to other than manually input some data?


I can add ATracker data import to OSX app - that’s the quickest way. Are you Mac user?


@theleo is it still actual? Yesterday I released update that migrates data. Data should be csv file with the following columns: type,from,to,comment.


I’ve been trying to get the new import function to work. Attempted the following

  • Using the csv mentioned above
  • Custom csv format
  • The activity_type,from,to,comment used by the export
  • Different types of csv formats
    Can’t get any of the above to work. Just get the spinning wheel of death for a while and then nothing.

Is there a way of getting a log to see what the app is getting upset about?


Please send me the file with 2 rows to


After the latest update, the import routine is now running. Next problem is that despite having a pre-existing type name for all of the type fields that were being imported in the CSV, duplicate type names have been created. So two questions/requests

  1. It would be good if could merge two type items where the name is exactly the same automatically
  2. Failing that, is there a way of being able to merge two type items together?

Thanks in advance


Hey ya,

I haven’t had the chance to look into the data migration yet.
Please feel free to close this for time being.