Check in/check out functionality


In the most recent update of iOS beta I introduced check-in/check-out functionality. This is an improvement for Places feature. When you visit or quit some place it will check-in or check-out automatically. You can view history of your visits on Places screen (tap in navigation bar to switch between places and checkins) or by tapping on place to see history of this place visits.
To turn this feature on go to Settings / Checkins. You can also enable notifications when check-in / check-out occurs

Please note that this functionality may drain battery quickly.

Future plans:

  • automatic start/stop of activities when checkin/checkout
  • statistics of being in one place or another

Please post your feedback about this feature here



As promised I introduced automatic start/stop of activities.

Default actions

In Settings / Checkins I added the following fields:

  • Entry action
  • Exit action

The following options are available for actions:

  • no action (nothing happens when you enter or quit place)
  • display notification (notification shown)
  • stop (current running activity is stopped)
  • pause (current running activity is paused)
  • stop and start (current running activity is stopped and new activity started - activity type for new activity needs to be selected)
  • pause and start (current running activity is paused and new activity started - activity type for new activity needs to be selected)

If you go to places and edit one of them you’ll also see these fields and the same actions are available. But in this case “Default” action is also available - it’s taken from Settings / Checkins. You may ask why duplicate actions in places and settings ?

  1. When new place is created the actions are set to Default
  2. User can quickly update default actions


On the screenshot above default actions mean:

Actions for “Work” place above mean:

  • when enter place, stop current running activity and start “Development”
  • when quit place, run default action, that is stop running activity and start “Walk”


  • checkin settings and new place fields are not yet synced
  • if you had place before with notification turned on these old notifications still may be shown (will fix in next update)
  • new functionality drains battery faster