Comment on switch


There are 2 settings right now:

  1. settings -> advanced -> comment on start
  2. settings -> advanced -> comment on stop

It will be nice to have:
3) settings -> advanced -> comment on switch

Now it’s there is no dialog if one activity is switched to another activity.


What is switch? Resume button that is available when activity is paused?


Here is switching activities repro:


  1. Click Activity1
  2. Click Activity2

Activity1 is stoped
Activity2 is started

Expected: comment dialog.


Do you mean “stop dialog” for “activity 1”? Start dialog for “activity 2” should appear


I expect “stop dialog” on Activity1 should be shown.

It works if I stop Activity1 (due to settings), and start Activity2.
But If I switch from Activity1 to Activity2 without stopping. No dialog.


Makes sense. But what behavior do you think is correct if both of types need comment? Show comment dialogs one by one?


Maybe setting should be to define this. It will be more flexible.

In my case I write some review notes… So only “close” is relevant. But I don’t know about other people.