Custom fields feature


The most recent OSX update introduces new feature called Custom Fields. It allow to add new fields to activities and activity types and then display statistics for them.


  • hourly rate
  • weight history
  • tracking money spent

Create new field

When you launch the app you’ll see new “Fields” tab in the bottom of tabs.

To create new field press on “+” button. There’re 2 types of fields now: amount per record and amount per hour. Hourly rate is an example of “amount per hour” and weight is an example of “weight history”. Then you need to select types and default value for each of type.

Edit activity

After field created they appear on edit activity screen

If you leave field empty on edit activity default value for this type is used.

For example I usually pay 3.5 for cup of coffee and I set 3.5 as default value for Coffee type. I don’t need to change it until I buy coffee in different place

For some cases setting values in activities doesn’t make sense. Good example is Hourly Rate - you set rate for Project

Field statistics

When you press on field on Fields screen statistics and history is shown. Statistics is very simple now. It contains:

  • total amount
  • average daily amount
  • average activity amount

Calculations are different for “amount per hour” and “amount per record”.

Known limitations and bugs

  • fields are not yet synced. If you logout - you’ll loose them
  • fields are available on OSX only
  • fields are not shown when create new activity - you need to save activity and then re-edit it
  • field relates to amount but amount is now calculated for each interval and not for activity


OMG! Competitor killing feature!