Customize Remind me sound alert



I love aTimeLogger and just bought TimeTrack for a month for the pomodoro feature and I’m loving how everything looks and feels smooth, the extra features, and how all of aTimeLogger’s features are on there too.

The feature I’d like is to pick the alert sound for Remind Me notifications like I could on aTimeLogger. That way when it reminds me (I have it set to every 5 minutes) it won’t sound like the other notifications and I’ll know not to ignore it. (also because I gave it a cute robot sound before and it made me happy…)

TimeTrack let’s me change notification category sounds through phone settings, but only for the Goals notification. The others seem hidden.

Actually aTimeLogger only has the Goals option in phone settings too, but it let’s you reach the Remind Me category through the app.

Oh it looks like TimeTrack let’s you reach pomodoro break/work alert sound settings through the app too. That’s cool! I’m changing those for sure.

Anyway, for now I’m having aTimeLogger send me the Remind Me notifications, but I’m opening TimeTrack, which is easy enough since it’s also running in the notification bar.

I’m really glad they sync so well, by the way. It helped me feel more confident and willing to experiment with TimeTrack.

I have Moto x4 running android pie.

tl;Dr: would like ability to customize Remind Me notification alert sound



Oh my God I found it! This app is amazing!

I went through goals, alert sounds, edit, plus, and typed the “channel” in! Amazing. Thank you for making this app, it’s so flexible and it makes so much sense :sob:

Edit: aaaah actually it didn’t work. Or it did once or twice?? Idk. I restarted the phone a few times after. I’ll try to pay attention and update

Edit 2: ok I went back to settings and now Remind Me is there to customize, so I guess it had done something after all. I changed the sound there. I think it oughta work now, bwahaha

Edit 3: it does. Yesss. Thanks for being on this journey with me. Amen.


Good everything solved without my assistance :slight_smile: