Default tag setting of an activity type



So there is an option to set default tags on an activity type, and all activities will automatically have this tags you set as default.

EX. I have a type called ‘Finance’ and set the default tag with ‘stock’

Now I using Robinhood for stock trading so I want to change the default tag to both ‘stock’ and ‘robinhood’. This can achieve. The problem is, when I set the default tag, it will change all history with this tag. So the previous history I won’t using robinhood will have this tag also. And later if I change my broker, and then change the default tag, it will change all history also.

Is this the mechanic you intentionally set? Or maybe it can improve that the activities will only have the default tag start at the time I added it from the default tag setting and end at the time I deleted it from the default tag setting.


That’s correct behavior. Type tags are not saved to activity’s tags, they remain in type. When statistics calculated type tags are appended to activity tags. I wanted to cover the following use case - mark types as productive/unproductive.
Requesting feature is good but it’s not high priority