Faster sync between devices?


I use with a connected aTimeLogger account on several Android devices. If I start a task on one device, I have to force sync the other devices to see the currently running task. Is there a way to set the sync interval to something much shorter than whatever it’s currently set to so cross-device time tracking is nicer, perhaps through a preference? Thanks!


Why do you use both TimeTrack and aTimeLogger ?


I do not. I was using aTimeLogger and had an account for syncing those devices with that app. I’ve since replaced aTimeLogger on all my devices with TimeTrack, using that same original sync account on each device.


What devices do you use? Sync should be quick as it uses push notifications


A Samsung Note 8 and a ZTE Axon 7. I had TimeTrack open on both devices, logged into the same account, stopped all timers on all devices, forced synced each device, then started a timer on the Note 8. I then left both devices alone. 20 minutes later, the new, running timer has not shown up on the Axon 7. If I force sync the Axon 7, the running timer shows up.


What country are you from?


I’m from the United States


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