gTask integration


It’s very critical feature for me.

I’m using gTask
It has amazing interface. It’s so simple and so powerful to track tasks and subtasks.
I used a lot of different tools, but this one the best.

It will be amazing to have integration with gTask like this:

  1. gTask - create folders, tasks and subtasks
  2. timetrack - download one of the folder and make them as plain activity list.
    It means any item from gTask could be as a group or activity for timetrack.

Of cause, view of tasks should be different, not the same as for activities.
It’s Task View, where you could start timer or countdown timer for any node (task, sub-task, sub-subtask).

The main scenario is pretty simple. I’m doing planning in gTask and actually I need to count task time, not activities.

It’s a big feature.

PS. The main feature of gTask is amazing grid for editing + a lot of tools to edit this list (iPhone, Android, MacOS, Windows and etc)