[HIGH] Countdown Timer


It will appear soon for Android app. I think it will appear for iOS soon too


F… awesome! I could get rid of the CountDown app totally!

Killing competitors feature!


PS. Of cause it should be smart design and easy to use (less clicks as possible). Ex: flexible timer and some predefined timers (1,3,5,20 etc minuts). It will be very good if it’s possible to configure. The most critical to spent less time to start timer. Less clicks. Because it happens very often and every extra click is very annoying.


If it’s possible it will good to have such use case:


  • Locked iphone


  • Swipe left (iphone is locked still)
  • Select activity (timetracker widget)
  • Select one of the predefined timers or skip it (empty timer)


  • Activity was started

The idea is to have predefined timers as sub-activities. Reasons:

  1. Less clicks
  2. Phone is locked (don’t need to unlock phone to start activity)
  3. Well-known interface and easy to understand

And configuration part should have

  1. Define predefined timers, but it’s ok to hard-code the same as Apple suggested: 1,3,5,15,30,1h,2h
  2. Having settings to enable countdown timer for some activities (as it was done for other feature: comments, reports and etc)
  3. The first “timer” should be empty… the same as for sub-activities to go up and select another activity to start.

BTW, I’m always using predefined timers on iWatch, and don’t remember when I selected my own time interval.


Extra scenario


  • Enable comments
  • Enable count down timer


  • Start the new activity


  • Ask for the comment
  • Select the count down timer (from predefined)

Such order will help to figure out what to do (by writing comments), and then do estimation.


How I see this.

  • timers enabled. may be it makes sense to define timers for types (like for pomodoro)


  • press on activity icon


  • alert shown with “Select options” title and the following options “No options”, “5 min”, “10 min”, “15 min”, “Start pomodoro” (if pomodoro enabled)
  • if timer is set countdown is shown
  • alert is shown when timer is 0
  • options for adding N more minutes to timer are available in alert


Will be very good! Is it possible to configure number of predefined timers and their value?


Let’s first create simple proof of concept :slight_smile:
And then see how to improve it



I often use: 5, 10, 15, 30, I’m ok to have 5, 15, 30 as POC.
Not often: 1, 2, 3
Almost never: 1h, 2h

Actually the real case is:

  1. I need to finish the task
  2. Set 30 mins, start the task
  3. in 30 mins… Alarm is triggered
  4. I understand, that I need 10-15 mins
  5. Set the new count down timer for 10-15 mins
  6. Alarm again :frowning:
  7. Set 5 mins
  8. Task is done :slight_smile:


Looks like it will be nice to have “Continue” dialog button if I want to continue.
Ex: time is over. Dialog asks “do you need 5, 10, 15… or etc mins more” and buttons to restart the timer with the new value.

PS. This feature is more critical rather then reports. It helps focus and control time over the day. I’m using iWatch for such time intervals with their timer.


I’ve just released first POC for iOS. If start pomodoro type in the app then additional button is shown “Add timer”. After pressing on it user can select 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Notification will contain buttons to prolong the timer


Two UX issues:

  1. Extra click is not good
  2. 30 mins is used 80% of time. It’s better to have 5, 15, 30


What extra click? Do you want to display 5, 15, 30 on the first alert? May be, that was just concept


Yes, I do. Less pressing to prolong the activity for extra couple of minutes.

5, 15, 30 is the best options at least for me.


What about displaying activity with countdown? Does it need to be different? For example look like Pomodoro


Actually it’s ok. Pomodoro timer is very good. It shows a lot of information.

In my case, I don’t use visual elements. I’m more interested in alarm.

The real day by day case is

  1. Choose task
  2. Set the timer (iWatch) for N mins
  3. Started doing the task… full concentration and involvement…
  4. Suddenly I hear alarm
  5. Review results, and set the new alarm

Timer for me is a reminder to take a pause and review. I don’t track how much time is remaining… But maybe somebody use it in their life.


any news for this feature?


Almost one year from original post. Do you have any plans/roadmap for this feature?


Could you add for beta-testing and this feature?


Still waiting for the feature.

Especially for iWatch.


  1. Use iWatch
  2. Select activity => show time interval options
  3. Select time interval : 5, 15, 30, 60 => activity started
  4. Activity ended => notification/vibration + select the new interval

PS. I’m using default count down timer from iWatch… it’s annoying to switch between iwatch timer and timetracker. And sometimes I missed countdown timer, or just forget about timetracker. It’s because they are not active on iWatch screen.


It will be next iOS feature I will add. @denis, ping me more often and you’ll get it quicker :slight_smile:


Here goes a ping from me! :wink: