iPhone & Apple Watch syncing and interaction problems


I have problem syncing data and interact between iPhone and apple watch for months. Both the system is up-to-date.

Problem 1:
When I started an activity on my iPhone, the timetrack complication automatically synced the data without clicking into it months ago. But now I have to click into it to sync the data, which is annoying for me.

Problem 2:
If I wear the apple watch and walk far enough for it to disconnect with iPhone, then start a new activity on the watch and walk back, it often shows two paralleled activities, the former activity on my iPhone wouldn’t stop.

Problem 3:
There is an activity, when I start it on my apple watch, the data wouldn’t show on my iPhone, and it cause some data lose, for example, I remembered to record everything today, but it shows more than 5 hours untracked time.

Problem 4
The interaction of timetrack on apple watch is not good. It always delay for a moment when I tap to start an activity, and I really don’t like that feeling of insensitivity. I don’t feel the delay in other apps on apple watch