Mac app automatic tracking


In version 0.8.11 I introduced feature that automatically tracks application usage. It’s POC (prove of concept) and I want to know what you think. Download

Quick details:

  1. The data is not sent to our servers unlike other time you track in the app.

  2. It tracks applications activated and if you use Safari or Chrome - it tracks Internet pages you visit including incognito mode. Other browsers are not yet supported;

  3. This feature can be enabled or disabled (by default it’s disabled)

  4. You can view data in new “Auto” tab. That’s how it looks

  5. You can assign score and type to application or web page. Double click on application or web page in Total area and popover appears



:fire::fire::fire: YEEESSS!! It’s what I needed for years! I can remove RescueTime now.

@admin Sergey,

Could you also track what person I was chatting with in Slack, Telegram, FB Messenger (how long was this chatroom in focus?) Is it anyway to get this information via SDK methods?
That would be extremely helpful.


Don’t be so impatient :slight_smile: - it just a POC
Do you know any apps that support it?


TAT! I just paid a one-year RescueTime premium account!!! Sad!


I released POC of the feature only 1 day ago and started getting feedback already. Users like it but they also ask important questions. The most important is how to integrate it with manually tracked time when desktop activities are mapped to Types. How to display it in history? How statistics should be calculated? I don’t know the answer.

Use case
I track my study time. I also set “Study” activity type to XCode application, “Messaging” for Telegram app and “Surfing” for browser activities. I started “Study” activity manually and opened XCode (I’m studying iOS development). In 30 minutes I got message in Telegram and I had to reply quickly. What happens with “Study” type in this case? Does it need to be paused and resumed when user is back to XCode?

Direct mapping of desktop app activities to manual activities is bad idea in my opinion. There’re lot of data and displaying it in History is painful.

Let’s say in the use case above I worked on my Mac for 2 hours from 9am to 11am, at 11am I manually stopped study. 1 of them was in XCode, 30 minutes in Telegram and 30 minutes in browser. This is total, actually there were 100 switches between the apps. What if introduce new entity that will be shown as activity and contain totals. In history it will be shown as desktop usage (from 9am to 11am) with totals:

  • Sleep (1:00am - 8:00am)
  • Shower (8:00am - 8:30am)
  • Breakfast (8:30am - 9:00am)
  • Study (9:00am - 11:00am)
  • Desktop (9:00am - 11:00am)
    • Study (1h)
    • Messaging (30m)
    • Browser (30m)

That’s only idea in my mind. It’s not clear how to calculate the stats - use actual/manual study or let user choose ?

I appreciate any ideas and proposals.


When to support the tomato work method?


It will be added soon

  • Mac app Automatic tracking is not working.

  • When, I select operation in safari browser tacking list show in below image.

  • After I’m pressed save button then windows is close but show same as by default, show in below image

  • Is there are bug or other problem ?

  • I also tried => download new dmg file and install but same problem

  • So, what should I need to do ?


Try to press Prev/Next buttons. If I remember well, stats doesn’t immediately


Sorry, not working


Now I got and reproduced what you mean. I’ll fix it soon


Check most recent update - 0.9.1


This automatic tracking is very excellent. I love it. Thank you so much.I tried, combine a automatic tracking type and a manuel type on Desktop. And It seen activities very perfect on desktop But I don’t see desktop activities on iOS app. do you have a plan to do this.