Mac app public alpha


Public alpha of Mac app becomes available. I just can’t wait any more. Developing it took so much time but it was closed to limited number of users and I didn’t get enough feedbacks. Now it’s available to everyone. I’m waiting for your feedbacks, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

You can download it here


App doesn’t support new account registration now. You need to sign in with existing or aTimeLogger account
Other functionality not available in the app includes:

  • create/edit types and goals
  • pomodoro
  • remind me
  • calendar
  • premium purchase

Some features do not make sense on desktop:

  • geo notifications (or places)

How to use

View data

After successful sign in you’ll see window that has 4 tabs: reports, types, goals, tags.


This tab is combination of iOS app’s History and Reports screens. In future I will do the same in iOS app (and in Android, it’s development is also in active stage).

It has 3 areas:

  • left for total (you can switch between list and pie chart)
  • right for history
  • bottom for daily charts (you can switch between total and entry)

What you need to know:

  • Total and Daily Charts areas can be hidden
  • you can quickly navigate between different date ranges
  • filters can be created/edited/removed
  • double click on history entry opens activity edit screen
  • menu appears if do right click on history entry

Types, Goals and Tags

It looks the same as on mobile app - list of types/goals and its details when click on it. There’s no separate tags screen on mobile app now - so it’s new functionality

Log data

There are multiple ways to log your time.

Status bar

This is the most obvious way to start activity. Press on timer in status bar and popover opens. Popover looks the same as Activities screen in mobile app

You can edit activities by double clicking on them

There’s an option to show separate window for activities. It can be useful sometimes

Hot key

In Settings you can enable hot key and override combination if needed. When hot key combination pressed small popup appears. Start typing activity type and press Enter when it’s selected. This way should be quicker than “status bar” way

Manual entry

You can add logs manually by pressing “+” on history area in Reports tab


Premium functionality includes:

  • daily bar charts
  • tag statistics
  • report filters (free is limited to 2 filters)
  • hot key override

This functionality is not available if you don’t have premium account. If you feel you really need it but have no chance to purchase please mail me at

Planned features

Except implementing functionality mentioned in Limitations I plan to add automatic tracking of desktop time use: what apps you used, what sites you visited, etc.
UPDATE Automatic usage is already available. Read more about it here

App updates

Once installed application will check for updates automatically. When new version released application will suggest to upgrade. Or you can check for updates manually in Menu -> Check for updates

Questions, Suggestions and Bug Reports

Please share your thoughts here or mail me at


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