More granularity in goal time


The total goal time can only be incremented in 50H blocks.

50H, 100H, 150H.

I see the general idea behind this (5000H to gain mastery etc.). but sometimes I intend to only spent 20 or 80 or 120 hours on particular goals. (Think billable projects).

Can this restriction be changed so that total goals would go in maybe increments of 5 or have the ability to type value manually?
Or maybe have smaller increments at the beginning and then grow?
Like 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,…50,60,70,…110,120,…1000,1100,1200,… etc…

realistically, for me to get to 170 hours on a personal project, it usually takes me like 3 months. Even a full work week is only 40 hours. So 50H increments is rather large.

I currently have to work around this by setting the goal to be yearly.


Are you talking about iOS or Android?