More Info on Premium Reports, Calendar Integration etc please!


I am currently comparing to other GPS and time trackers and I really cannot decide on the premium features based on the few images on the homepage alone.

Can anyone provide more pictures or add them to the home page?
In particular, I am wondering how detailed the reports get, whether outlook is a viable calendar to add and if so, how far the app reports would clutter my existing calendar inputs.

In general, I need as much info as possible. An evaluation period would be nice, too.

future potential user


It can only read the local calendar, if you are using iOS, that is the iCloud calendar, and you can choose any existing calendars to sync specific types you want.

This platform told me I can only upload one image since I’m new user, so …
Also, it’s best for you just subscription one month to try, it’s only $0.99 I thinl.

the image is the Calendars I created and then imported for to import stuff.


Mail your email at - I will grant you short premium


Geo notifications are only for notifications now - . But right after Android app release I plan to add auto checkin/checkout
Calendar -


wow, auto checkin and check out?!!


Yes. It’s doable but not super high priority right now


Don’t worry. Buy for 1 month… And after I bought for 2 years. It’s nice and valuable app.

I saw a lot of applications, the best was NowThenPro (actually I missed it very much, a lot of powerful features)… But it’s not in development for couple of years. Recently switch to… Pretty happy!

And waiting for some must-feature from NowThenPro and some feature that you saw on this forum already :slight_smile: