Please Make iOS/Mac App More UX Friendly. My Suggestions


Dear Sergei,

Thank you so much for such a great app.
I absolutely love, keep using it for years. Have some ideas below. Let me know what you think.

*!! Use emojis for Tags. Show emoji suggestions while typing in Edit Tags screen.

  • Use emojis as icons for activities
  • Transform activity to/from group
  • Search icon by emoji, or keyword
  • Make it gestures friendly: swipe to archive, move drag-and-drop.
  • Change name, icon on the same screen (show as a popup screen).
  • Easily transform Activity in/from Tag
  • When start new activity show more than 5 the most popular tags if space allowed (i use emojis as tags, so can feet 10 emojis)

Mac app:

  • Able to add/edit/remove Tag/activities (Things 3.0 has a wonderful UX design)

Add more icons:

  • crawling baby
  • Foot/sole (massage)
  • fruits (at least those which are available as emojis)

Thanks for reading,