Pomodoro with Wear OS watch


Every time when you click a type with pomodoro mode, you need to select usual/pomodoro. On my watch, when you click the type with pomodoro, it’s alway usual without option.

I thought we could set a smooth version of pomodoro, so you don’t need to choose pomodoro/usual at the beginning. Suppose the length of pomodoro is 25mins and relax for 5 mins. If you start it, when the time is shorter than 25 mins, it’s like usual version. When it beyond 25 mins, automatically you finished a pomodoro and the phone alerts you to relax, then pop out the option of relax type. If we could select relax and resume on Wear OS watch it would be awesome.

Anyway I want my watch could use pomodoro as the phone smoothly and I don’t want to click twice to start a pomodoro. Make some options for that will be highly appreciated.


Hello. I’ll be honest with you, Wear OS app is not planned to be improved in the nearest time.