Public alpha/beta of (Android)


Let’s discuss for Android here. To install it you must be in one of the following G+ communities:

When you are in visit this link on your Android device -

When installed you can login to your existing account and sync

August 16 Release
It’s first public alpha release of new app. There are still many features unimplemented from original aTimeLogger app but I hope to add them ASAP. The order of features added depends mostly on your feedback.
New features already added include:

  • tags in activities (goals also have tags field but they mean nothing right now);
  • horizontal bar chart on history screen (press on bar chart for menu to appear);

Unfortunately that is all for now. Below is the list of important features that is not implemented but will be added soon (ordered by priority, if you think priority should be changed please post comment with your own priority):
- stop/pause/resume from notification bar (DONE);
- report manual params (DONE);
- report bar chart / total stats (DONE);
- Tasker integration (DONE);

  • settings;
  • remind me;
  • report export to CSV / HTML;
  • calendar view in History;
  • reorder of types and goals;

New features by priority:
- post events to Tasker (DONE);
- tags support in reports;

  • pomodoro mode;
  • simultaneous edit (when 2 intervals overlap )
  • set when day starts;
  • goal tags;
  • new goal types - by number of occurrences (e.g 3 times a week), total time;

What I expect from first users?
You install and start tracking your time (you can sync with existing account, everything should work), post your thoughts here or to TimeTrackio G+ community -
Based on your feedback I will improve the app.


Could you add A Custom Day Start option?
For example I have few deal, which I finish at 1 AM. It would be a nice idea If I can select the time of begging my next day. For example I can select form 3-00 AM to 2-59 its my daytime


Thanks for suggestion. It was in my feature list but I didn’t mention it. Added it to my post


While it looks much nicer than aTimeLogger, the key feature that made me switch back is that I couldn’t switch to linear mode, so that starting a new tasks stops the previous one. Also, the ability to reorder tasks is absolutely critical and not something that should be lowest on the list of priorities. I’m very used to the placement of icons. Although the main icons remained in the same locations, all icons within subcategories are reordered. I still have the new app installed on my phone, so I will try again with the next update.


Are you talking about iOS or Android app?


I’m talking about the android app.