Public beta of (iOS)


After long development I’m happy to introduce first public beta of new app called TimeTrack.IO. This is next version of aTimeLogger - popular personal time tracker

If you want to be one of the first users you need:

You can find information about what is new in the app on
Issue tracker is available here.

I expect you to share your thoughts here or by mailing at

New releases are expected every week


I’m using the betas on both OS X and ios8.

At the moment, syncing between the two platforms seems to be happening less often than I’d like

My mac has been offline for most of the day - but it’s been online a few times when I’ve started or stopped a timer. Looking at console, it looks like it’s having trouble syncing even now:

24/01/2015 17:32:25.205[43578]: 2015/01/24 17:32:25:205 [INFO][SyncManager syncWithManager:handlerBlock:][11257] Start sync
24/01/2015 17:32:25.330[43578]: 2015/01/24 17:32:25:330 [ERROR][SyncManager syncWithManager:handlerBlock:][130f] Get sync data failed
24/01/2015 17:32:25.331[43578]: 2015/01/24 17:32:25:331 [INFO][ActivityManager currentActivities][130f] ActivityManager: get current activities
24/01/2015 17:36:57.128[43578]: 2015/01/24 17:36:57:127 [INFO][SyncManager syncWithManager:handlerBlock:][10f0b] Start sync
24/01/2015 17:36:57.685[43578]: 2015/01/24 17:36:57:685 [ERROR][SyncManager syncWithManager:handlerBlock:][130f] Get sync data failed
24/01/2015 17:36:57.685[43578]: 2015/01/24 17:36:57:685 [INFO][ActivityManager currentActivities][130f] ActivityManager: get current activities

Is there anything I can do to turn on more debugging to figure out why the sync is failing?


Not a bug, but a feature request: It’s quite common for me to realise “Hey, I’ve just started doing X, I should have recorded that”

On iOS that’s no big deal: i start the activity now, then edit the details so that it started a few minutes in the past.

My feature request is for the same editing (of currently-active activities at least) to come to OS X.

Is there a better place for me to put feature requests?


I need to release new version with more logs - this is all that is available now


Created issue in issue tracker -


In the iOS app, I’ve created a new activity type and it’s now showing up as the first icon (in the top-left position). I’d like to relocate it, but I can’t figure out how. I’ve got the sort order set to “manual” but I can’t figure out how to re-order the types.

I don’t know if this is a “UI is undiscoverable” bug, “UI hasn’t been implemented yet” bug, or just a “James is a bit daft today” bug.


James, just do long press


FWIW, I still haven’t been able to re-order the types. Not by long-presses on the types in the “Types” screen, nor by long presses in the Activities screen. I still think I’m missing something about where I need to long-press


James, Types screen when Manual Order is selected. If do long press reorder mode will be activated


Just follow up on this - after I deleted the app and re-installed, it now works as expected - long-press on the Types screen brings up re-order mode.


Is it better than previous implementation?