Reports: Today button



Now I need to restart app to return “today” report back.


Please clarify. I’m not getting if it’s bug or feature request


This is a new feature. I would like to have “today” button to return the report for today.


  1. Open the report
  2. Change day to -5 days (just to remind myself the history)
  3. Switch to activities
    …do some work …
  4. Press again the report
  5. The report has the old report (-5days)
  6. I need to search today and click many times “>”

Option 1. Open today on step 4
Option 2. The report should have button today somewhere to return back.


If I understand well you are talking about History tab on iOS. There’s a way to quickly get back to current day/week/month - just press on day/week/month segment control again


You right, It’s a history tab.

It’s still confusing behavior. Maybe it could be:

< Today | Day | Week | Month >

Then it will be easy to get back.


I agree, it’s confusing. Until you know about this feature :slight_smile:
The reason is lack of space for all of buttons (in russian language it will take even more space)


what about having icons got these buttons?

aTimeLogger has better navigation in this area.