TimeTrack is finally released for Android


On February 4 I released TimeTrack for Android.

How is it different from aTimeLogger?
Well, the first thing that some users won’t accept is registration requirement. If you don’t want to register please continue to use aTimeLogger. Later I will think about removing the requirement. If you already use sync on aTimeLogger - just sign in with existing account. If you have are aTimeLogger user but have no account - create it in aTimeLogger, do sync and then sign in to TimeTrack. If you are new user - just register in new app.

New features

  • Pomodoro
  • Tags
  • Report filters
  • Daily charts
  • Occurrence goals (e.g limit coffee to 2 times a day)
  • New colored icons

Coming soon

  • geo notifications
  • calendar integration

Many of new features are available for premium account only. Premium account is subscription based:

  • $1/month
  • $5/6 months
  • $9/year

Later price may change. If you want to get it for free please mail me at support@aloggers.com or support@timetrack.io - let’s think together about it.

P.S. I will be very grateful if you leave positive review, write suggestions or report bugs



Now more feature will be for iPhone soon :slight_smile:

I highlighted two of them (separate topics):

  • weekly overview report
  • count down timer


Great news!

Been waiting hard for it :slight_smile:

I’m really concerned of privacy matters.
I’m about to start using timetrack extensively but i can’t put sensitive data in it due to the fact that i don’t know how it looks like on your side… Maybe it’s just plain text.

Could you please share with us a bit of information regarding privacy matters?


I think google knows all about everybody. But actually, yes. Having “registration” sometime leads to uninstall the application without even try.

TimeTracker is an exceptional case for me. I tested It worked fine. And I switched from NowThenPro to TimeTracker. The killing feature is to enable to start timer even if phone is locked. Just swipe and start. NowThenPro could not do it (I need to login, click to start app… waste of time… and I could not accept such waste million time a day).

The reason to accept the “registration” requirement is the big pain (I need to unlock phone to start the timer)… I’m very lazy to allow extra click many time per day… It’s extremely annoying :-).

But this is the big exception. All other application have not took my attention… if i see registration form. Just uninstall very quick. Not because I care about privacy, but because I’m lazy and I need quick results (It’s ok to configure a lot of time, but during the usage use it very fast).

Maybe you are loosing a lot of users by this “registration requirement”.


Thanks for your feedback.

Well, connections and server are secured, database access is very limited but data stored in database is in plain text. Why? First of all, web app is still planned (it exists in some form but it’s really bad). If data is encrypted user won’t be able to make any queries to database.

But I’m thinking of building alternative optional secure sync (as you are not the only person who wants it to be absolutely secure). It will be encrypted in mobile app and require private key. If private key lost data won’t be available for restore. I’m also thinking about making account registration optional. I’m sure many users close the app right after they see registration form. But for offline use aTimeLogger app is always available :slight_smile:

P.S. @denis, thanks for your support!