Todoist Integration



I see there are people using gTask, while me and my friends mostly using Todoist.

I know there are lots tracking app can integrate with Todoist since they are server-based sync system and a really good API document.

Combine with Pomodoro and Todoist will be fantastic, especially timetrack is so good to tracking everything!


I’m thinking about todo integration - integrate with existing or add support inside of the app. I need to know what people really need. Can you please describe simple use cases you would like to see in the app?


For me. I manage my university homework, research project, developing stuff all in Todoist, so I have to manually complete the tasks while I’m using the Pomodoro.

And the reason why it is a good idea is that it’s best to have an understanding how much time you spend on the tasks, and then you can plan them accurately. So I would recommend having such stuff:

  1. complete the tasks in timetrack directly, no need to go to Todoist again

  2. auto import seven days tasks, I think it’s better to let the user set from 1 - 7 days maybe. Or auto import the projects the user choose?

  3. A place to see how much time I spend on each task, if possible, each project.

Above features can also be part of premium features since it will take a lot of workloads! I know there is something called Pomodone using Pomodoro and integrated with lots of 3rd todo service and they charge $12 a year for a student education discount and still have limit with stats reading and graph analysis.


Any new updates?

For me I need simple integration with gTask.
I have a list of tasks and I would like to start activity based on the task from gTask.

Of course I would like to group tasks (as in gTask) and sum-up total time for all subtasks. It will be amazing. The main point is to calculate total hours for task based on sub-tasks.


It’s not priority task now. Working on Android app and on some other iOS features. More details soon