Types with tags or sub types


I’m trying to setup my workflow with the app but I’m struggling to find what is better to track my 24 hours each day. One of my use case is going out for eating. I usually go 300-500m to the place I eat but sometimes it is a place I can order via phone and just have meal ready when I arrive and other time it’s not possible. So I would like to track my walk time separately to eating plus waiting for meal and then track another option with ready made meal taken from home. My idea is to be able to track everything weekly/monthly to implement changes into my daily life and save as much time as possible. So when I see how much time I wasted waiting for food at bar that will help me to start preparing it myself for similar time frame and then compare it all in terms of time, money and energy. Big thanks for help!



If you just want to know walking + waiting then, in my opinion, you should create “Meal” group and put “Walk”, “Wait” and optionally (“Eat”) into the group. If you want to track more info, then it depends. For example, you want to see not only walk time to/from restaurant but overall Walk then type tags may be useful


Thanks a lot for the answer but I’m going to use Timetrack 99% of the time with my Apple Watch so I can’t set tags there.


For type tags you don’t need to select tag. They are set up once for activity type


Could you clarify me then how to setup such use case as I mentioned in my initial post? I started project where I will vlog each day of 2019 where Timetracker will be one of my main subject so I appreciate your help for clever configuration. I’m more visual than numbers guy so I need more info to figure things out but I’m trying hard.


I would create

  1. “Outdoor Meal” group and put “Walk” and “Eat” types inside.
  2. “Home Cooking” type

When you go outdoor start “Walk”, then pause when arrived and start “Eat”. After eating, stop “Eat” and resume “Walk”. Stop “Walk” when you are at home.

When you cook at home, just start when you “Cook” and stop when you are done.

With “Custom fields” feature (it’s available for iOS only now but Android version is also in development) you can create “Spent money” field and assign it to “Eat” and “Cook”. Then you can compare not only time but also money spent

P.S. Despite the time spent walking is good for everyone’s health.